Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carnival Cruise 2012

Just like last year, we headed out on a cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica! Same places but different ports and in a different sequence. It was such a blast just like I expected! We got to experience a new ship as well which is always a good thing! The Carnival Magic definitely didn’t disappoint. It was HUGE and full of fun. Lots of kids running around since it was spring break but still couldn’t have been any more fun! We can’t wait to see what next year’s trip will be like. A big thanks to all the family and friends that helped out with our babies while we were gone. OH and Happy Easter to everyone! We spent ours driving home from Galveston :)

A big thank you to Jeff and Patti for such an awesome trip!!!

We were police escorted back to the ship in Jamaica after our zip line excursion because we were terribly late. Nothing like getting a standing ovation from the entire side of the ship for the 15 of us returning safely an hour an a half past sailing time. Pretty freaking awesome. HA! THANKS CARNIVAL FOR NOT LEAVING US!
Here are some funny {short} videos of our random happenings in Jamaica….
Police escort
Applause! YAY!

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