Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Blue End Tables

A DIY end table project! Sounds fun, right!? Oh come on, it’s easy!
My poor end tables really need some help, and some cuteness added to them. The kids got to them one too many times with food and drinks and one had lots of ugly scratches on top. Normally, I’d trash something like this and just buy something new. But not this time! I had an idea in my head and I was determined to pull it off.

A couple cans of spray paint, my trusty Silhouette Cameo and some clear coat made them both so much better!
Here they are in their sad state. I already primed the top of the first one to prepare it for it’s pretty design.

This is the design I chose to use and cut out on my trusty Silhouette Cameo! Love that thing. I didn’t use this whole piece because as you can see, the bottom of the design messed up because I didn’t cut my vinyl long enough before it went into the machine and it started turning on me. I didn’t need the end anyways….
I applied the vinyl once the white primer was dry. I didn’t have any white spray paint on hand which is the reason why I used primer. It turned out fine, just needed 3 coats.
Once the vinyl was applied, I spray painted over it with the blue I was using for both tables.
TIP- paint the rest of the table before you apply the vinyl. Or paint the bottom of the table and then spray over your vinyl. Reason being, you need to pull the vinyl while the paint is still wet or else it may pull up paint in areas you didn’t want it to.
You might want to wear gloves!

Here it is after I pulled up the vinyl decal. There are some tiny areas where some blue got on the white, because when you pull up the edges you may tuck under some wet paint. It’s not that noticeable but if it bothers you, go back with a tiny paint brush and touch it up. I wasn’t that worried about it.
Now spray some sealant (clear coat) on it and you’re all done!

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The knob is from Hobby Lobby.
Paint color is Rustoleum Satin Slate Blue.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new tables, curtains, and lamp shades. Beautiful job on the tables.