Thursday, May 24, 2012

School’s Out!

It’s summer time! Hannah couldn’t be more excited about summer. Her and Noah are looking forward to time at the lake house, swim classes, gymnastics and summer camps! Hannah LOVES school and since she’s out I must keep her busy :) Next year, she is going to a private pre-school for 5 days a week. It’ll be a bit of a change for her but I am sure she will love it. Gotta get her ready for Kindergarten. Since her birthday is September 28th and the cut off is September 1st, she has to wait a whole extra year. Bummer. So, I figure some extra school time will do her some good. As for Noah, well he’s still little and doesn’t care either way. Noah started out the year staying at home with me and joined his sister a little later in the year. I think he would have just stayed home but I think it was good to socialize him some!

Here they are on their last morning of the last day of school!
Last day of school 2012 007Last day of school 2012 009

Here’s what we gave Hannah and Noah’s teachers. A fun, summer-themed, end-of-the-year teacher gift! A beach towel rolled up with the perfect summer magazine!
Last day of school 2012 002Last day of school 2012 004

And for fun, here’s Hannah on her first day of school last year. She has grown so much in such a short amount of time!

Hannah's 4th Birthday Projects 047

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