Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Noah’s a BIG boy now!

I guess it’s official! I’ve had a hard time figuring out when to say that my little man is potty TRAINED and not training!

We started on Tuesday, June 5th after his nap. I told myself it was time and knew that we had a pretty low key week ahead of us! I don’t believe in putting a pull up on a kid that’s actively potty training when they will pee in it anyways. So, with all the diapers safely out of my reach and his, we went to Target and bought loads of big boy “underwears”, as he calls them! He has a little Cars race car potty in the kids bathroom and didn’t really seem interested in using the big one. His reward for his first pee would be whichever pair of underwear he liked the most. So I had him sit on the potty, and 20 minutes later he had his first pee in the potty! We stayed home the rest of the afternoon and he went pee in the potty every time I took him.  Day 1 was so super successful! I had so much confidence going into day two that possibly he would learn to TELL me when he needed to go!

Day #2 (June 6th): No such luck. He had one accident over the whole night (which was amazing) but also had one straight out of bed before I even knew he was up. So we cleaned him up, put underwear on him and proceeded to have accidents the rest of the day. I’d sit in the bathroom with him for a good 30 minutes each time and he wouldn’t go. As soon as we would leave the bathroom he would pee. He stayed dry through his nap though! No pooping the 2nd day though in the potty or underwear. I think he was nervous. That night, I put a diaper on him because it’s just not possible for a little guy to hold his pee that long all night. And, I didn’t want to do any more laundry at that point.

Day #3 (June 7th): He did SO much better! He pooped in the potty for the very first time!
Poor guy was terrified to do it, but when he did he was so proud of himself! We went straight to Target and pick out a toy. The whole way through the store he would tell anyone close by that he was getting a toy for going poop. I let him because he was so happy! He only had one pee accident that day and it’s because I got lazy asking him.

The next week was pretty great. He held his pee in public really well. He told me for the first time when we were at my antique booth that he had to pee and we ran all the way to bathroom. I did NOT want him to have an accident in there! Most exciting moment ever! After that, he really understood how it felt and was really good about telling me or warning me when he was about to go.

I was so excited to not even have to put swim diapers on him when we would go swimming. Even in the pool, he would tell me to take him potty. We still had quite a few accidents with going #2 almost daily. I was starting to get really frustrated with him for not even trying to tell me or go to the potty. At this point, he was perfectly trained in peeing and his fear was the only thing holding him back from trying to go #2 in the potty.

Then on July 3rd, while at Gap… he let his pee go all over the floor. It was sort of my fault. He mentioned needing to go but I thought he could hold it just a little longer. He had a few more accidents randomly over the next few days because I let myself trust in his ability a little too much. So I got serious again and put my potty training hat back on! I made sure to ask him every 30-ish minutes if he needed to go. We went to my family’s lake house and he did so well ALL weekend. He didn’t have one accident the whole two days. I’d say that was our turning point. He still wears a diaper for naps and bed time. He stays mostly dry through his nap but still goes a lot at night :(.

Just in the last few days, we had a total turn around with going #2! He’s doing SO well telling me when he needs to go. He goes in the bathroom all by himself, does his business then tells me when he is done. He is a little shy so he doesn’t like anyone to be in there when he goes. I am SO happy that he’s no longer having #2 accidents. They are so messy! It makes me second guess wanting to cloth diaper our 3rd baby….

We couldn’t be more proud of our little guy! And, I must say I feel like we have come so far. It’s a little bittersweet to have two “big kids” in the house and no more diapers or babies!!

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