Sunday, July 29, 2012


We decided to head off to the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine to get out of this heat and take the kids to have a little fun. Hannah has been under the weather a little bit this past week so we needed to get out of the house because they were itching for some fun! The kids were so excited to see the a new aquarium and they had a blast. They got to pet star fish, crabs, and other random “touchable” see creatures. Hannah asked the whole way through the aquarium when she would be able to touch a shark. I was hopeful for her but knew that wouldn’t happen. The starfish sufficed. After about an hour in the aquarium we made it to the gift shop. $26 later on a few sussies, we met up with my mom {Memaw} to get some eats. After lunch, we had a carousel ride, train ride, some rest time and some playful kitten time at Memaw’s. She found 4 abandoned kittens {about 4 weeks old} and she is nursing them back to health. Hannah and Noah LOVE them dearly, but husband is allergic. Boo to allergies. We had such a fun, and COOL day!

IMAG1821 - CopySea Life Aquarium 046Sea Life Aquarium 051 - CopySea Life Aquarium 229Sea Life Aquarium 230Sea Life Aquarium 231

Hannah was SO excited to touch the starfish! Noah was a little nervous.

Sea Life Aquarium 056Sea Life Aquarium 057Sea Life Aquarium 063 - CopySea Life Aquarium 064 - CopySea Life Aquarium 068Sea Life Aquarium 074 - Copy

They loved the bridge that had a see-through floor into the stingray tank.

Sea Life Aquarium 075 - CopySea Life Aquarium 083Sea Life Aquarium 084

There was also a “bubble” inside a kid’s cave where they could get in for a closer look! It literally was a kid’s only cave. My sister-in-law and I to bend as low as possible to get through it!

Sea Life Aquarium 087Sea Life Aquarium 090Sea Life Aquarium 091

The octopus garden was AWESOME! I’ve actually never see an octopus in person. Hannah was fascinated!

Octopus Garden

Sea Life Aquarium 102

”Inside” a tank!

Sea Life Aquarium 105Sea Life Aquarium 123Sea Life Aquarium 127Sea Life Aquarium 131Sea Life Aquarium 136Sea Life Aquarium 146Sea Life Aquarium 150

They were so excited to go in the 360 degree tunnel to see the sharks and sea turtles!

Sea Life Aquarium 165Sea Life Aquarium 166
Sea Life Aquarium 177Sea Life Aquarium 200Sea Life Aquarium 221

Above the 360 tunnel

Sea Life Aquarium 224

Can you see the little sea horses?

IMAG1822 - CopyIMAG1823 - CopyIMAG1825 - CopyIMAG1828 - Copy

We have the BEST Memaw ever! Really, we do.

IMAG1829IMAG1830IMAG1831 - CopyIMAG1832 - Copy

The kittens names were chosen by Hannah… “Stripes, Tiger, Play and Buley” Pronounced boo-lay. Hilarious!

Amazingly, my usually sleepy boy made it through the WHOLE day full of long car rides with No nap! Even with the lack of sleep they had the BEST attitudes all day long! Hannah and Noah finally passed out around 9 pm. It might be a little tough getting up for church in the morning!

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