Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Little About Me

Better late than never, right?! RIGHT!

Hello!! I'm Brittany!
Welcome to The Craft Family Blog!

I'm so glad you've stopped by... here's just a little bit about me and what you'll find on my blog...

Halloween 2011 006

I'm married to my best friend, and love of my life Josh…

And the mother of my two precious babes...

Hannah and Noah
Ethans birthday 017

I'm a stay-at-home mom to my two little ones.

The wife of an account executive at Marriott Hotels.

I love the Lord with all my heart.

I don’t believe in letting my babies “cry it out”.

I panic when I have a plan that doesn’t go the way I wanted it to.

I want to be a nurse more than anything.

I desperately want just one more baby when the time is right! Or now. Whenever.

I don’t do everything right.

I have tattoos. {Oh dear!} 9 to be exact. 2 very visible.

On that note, I believe in expressing yourself and living outside the box.

I am very spontaneous, and love to be that way.

My husband is my best friend and the best guy I've ever known!

I love my job of staying-at-home and have a passion for making ends meet on one income.

I really don’t like cooking all that much, but I have a recipe blog.

I love being a hostess and welcoming people into my home.

I've had two babies in 2 years and 3 months.

I lost my father to Melanoma skin cancer in 2007.

I'm a lover of all things caffeinated...especially Dr. Pepper.

I have a little shop that's called Fickle Pickle Designs...

here's a taste of what you will find there!

2012-02-01 Etsy Shop1

I also have a booth at a local antique mall where I sell refinished furniture, and other random pretty things…


I love pizza. I’d eat it every single day.

We have a pit-bull {careful, she could maul your kid} Just KIDDING! And, a chi-weenie.

I can’t have a conversation with close-minded people.

I tend to be very opinionated.

I love my family more than anything.

This main purpose of my blog is to share our memories so that my kids will have them forever. Little things and details are very important to me.

Also, to share what we love, what I love, what we’re up to and things we like making.

So glad you stopped by!

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