Monday, August 13, 2012

Hodge Podge via My Cell Phone

We had such a fantastic and adventurous week! We tried out several new (to the kids) restaurants, went to the lake for some more wake surfing, fishing and playing in the sand, and Hannah went to the “dentist”. My friend Kacie needed some patients for her clinicals for dental hygiene and Hannah said “She was the best dentist lady ever!” Maybe she should be a DDS! Hannah approves!


The Magic Time Machine was a definite favorite in the kid’s book!


They got all sorts of autographs! Cinderella, Belle, Superman, Marilyn Monroe, and Snow White! Hannah was so excited to be in the presence of “real” princesses!

Paesano's was awesome because we got to draw all over the tables! Even in the blank spaces under mommy and daddy’s plates ;) they also had some really great Italian food… Mommy’s favorite!



Hannah got to hold a fun dragon whose teeth you could brush while she got her teeth cleaned. Then, Noah used him as a pillow and passed out before his turn!


We built a sand castle together while daddy was fishing. I wish so badly we could take Hannah to the beach but the lake will suffice!


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