Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of Pre-k!

The first day of pre-k has come and gone! It was a great success too. We love Hannah’s new school and so far we like her teachers. (No one compares to Ms. Chris though!) We had lots of fun the day before and the morning of! I made fun little treats for Hannah’s new friends and a cute jar of gumballs for her teachers!

Owl Smores: The idea came from
here who got the inspiration here. So, I just changed them up a little and made my own tags!

I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I saw this idea but I made my own tags for this as well!


After we read a sweet story and got dressed, we went outside for our annual first day of school pictures!


She looked like such a big girl with her new backpack on!

Thankfully, her new school is SUPER close to our house. We could walk if it wasn’t for an incredibly dangerous road in between. So, we drive.., .02 miles to her school :)

Daddy and Noah went with us to drop Hannah off. We walked her in on her first day and it was pretty chaotic. We made our way to her room, where they were not expecting her… Which made me kind of upset, but we got it all worked out. Hannah immediately found a seat next to a new friend and they started coloring. Daddy snapped a picture of us {so we wouldn’t have to ask the teacher} and we left our sweet girl for the last, first day of pre-k!!


After we kissed her goodbye, daddy, Noah and I went to Chili’s for lunch together! I’m confident that was the first lunch we had ever had alone with just Noah and not Hannah too.


After we picked her up, everyone had a surprise waiting for them when we got back home! GIANT cupcakes!


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