Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready for Pre-K!

This is the day Hannah has been waiting on for so long! She has been walking past the pre-k class since she was two years old asking when she could be in there and graduate at the end of the year to go onto Kindergarten! {smarty} Well, today is the day! She has been so looking forward to her new school and new friends. She was attending MDO at a church but this year she was set on going to the “Apple School” by our house. She insisted that she wanted to meet new friends and have new teachers. She dearly misses her most favorite teacher Ms. Chris though. She will forever be loved! And, we appreciate her teaching Hannah and helping her grow all these years!

To get ready for pre-k I bought these fun books that we can keep memories in each year of school!

Pink%20School%20Years%20book     images

It is similar to the Birthday Book, but it gives them places each year to write their teachers, their favorite things, sign their name and place a school picture.”Oh the Places You’ll Go” is such a fun book. I’m going to take it around to her teacher each year {once they know her well enough} and let them write little encouraging notes in it. Once it’s full, it’ll be a sweet graduation present her senior year!

At Hannah’s new school we don’t need school supplies. Sounds like a good thing but it’s always been a favorite past time of mine to go to the store with my mom and pick out school supplies! So instead we looked around for new, fun, & pink backpacks! We finally decided on one when Hannah’s great grandmother surprised Hannah with this Barbie backpack. She loves it!

Since her pre-k class is only 3 hours long in the afternoons, we won’t be packing lunches either. Which is also a favorite thing of mine to do. We even got the cutest lunch box you’ve ever seen! And, we still have our Easy Lunchboxes from last year. Guess we will use them for something else!

An hour before school started, I read Hannah this online book a friend told us about and I didn’t even cry! :)

Thanks to Pinterest, I got the fun idea to make a little sign for each year of school. I know she will let me use them for years to come, being that she is so sweet and loves her momma! Really, she knows we HAVE to get a picture of everything!


I think we are ready! Hannah has lots of new school clothes and plenty of cute new shoes! I can’t wait to see what pre-k has in store for her and see how her first day went!

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