Monday, October 1, 2012

{Ariel Party} Hannah’s 5th Birthday!

All year, Hannah has been asking for a Disney Princess party. Her birthday is in September, but in true mommy fashion, I started planning it in July! Out of no where {after much planning had commenced} Hannah decided she wanted an Ariel ONLY bounce house party! So Ariel it was. We crafted, glued, baked and wrapped!

The invite was first on the list! Hannah helped decide EVERY detail of her invite, and to her, it was perfect!

Finally, September 30th came and we loaded up TWO cars and made our way to Papa’s Skating rink! Excitement for the party was beyond explanation!
We talked about it for weeks. She couldn’t wait to play with her best friends and her new friends from school all in one place! We started decorating at 1 and around 2 everyone started to show up!

Decor Collage

Decor Collage 2

Cake Collage

Hannah's 5th Birthday 114

Octopus Collage

Hannah's 5th Birthday 089

Hannah's 5th Birthday 117

Hannah's 5th Birthday 094

Hannah and I made Ariel Bottlecap Necklaces for the {girl} party guests!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 095

Hannah's 5th Birthday 096
There were lots of boys who came to Hannah’s party so we thought we’d let them have pirate favor bags instead of the Ariel ones!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 097

The guests dined on sprite, lemonade, octopus marshmallow pops, starfish cookies and pizza! My SIL made the cake again this year and it was AMAZING! Hannah and I couldn’t wait to see it.

Hannah's 5th Birthday 152Hannah's 5th Birthday 153Hannah's 5th Birthday 154

The kids loved bouncing and running around! They were all sweaty and smiling!
Birthday FriendsHannah's 5th Birthday 150Hannah's 5th Birthday 133Hannah's 5th Birthday 135Hannah's 5th Birthday 136
Little guys were breaking it down!!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 142Hannah's 5th Birthday 146
Big Friends!

After some time bouncing, our party host had a fun game to play. He hid a balloon some where in the bounce house area and if anyone found it, Hannah got a prize!
Bday Game

After all that fun it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat that beautiful cake!

Happy Birthday Song

My little guy helped a whole lot!
Hannah's 5th Birthday 157Hannah's 5th Birthday 158
Hannah's 5th Birthday 164Hannah's 5th Birthday 170
That’s my “Josh, you’re not paying attention and taking pictures of us” face!!!!!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 171Hannah's 5th Birthday 175Hannah's 5th Birthday 195 
Lots of BLOOPERS!!! Now he’s too close :)
Hannah's 5th Birthday 196
Hannah's 5th Birthday 202
Ok, enough funny! Time for PRESENTS!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 268Hannah's 5th Birthday 214Hannah's 5th Birthday 217Hannah's 5th Birthday 219
Has anyone seen Hannah!? {Check out those socks!}

Hannah's 5th Birthday 223Hannah's 5th Birthday 225Hannah's 5th Birthday 266Hannah's 5th Birthday 226Hannah's 5th Birthday 228Hannah's 5th Birthday 230Hannah's 5th Birthday 236Hannah's 5th Birthday 243Hannah's 5th Birthday 255

She got SO many awesome presents! We are so thankful for all the friends and family who came to celebrate Hannah’s big day with us! She loves each and every one of you and she misses the whole thing already!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 101
Love this pretty girl!

Happy 5th Birthday Hannah!

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