Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Hannah!

On September 28, 2012, my sweet love turned FIVE! Hannah has waited for this day to come for several months! She just couldn’t wait to be FIVE and a truly BIG girl! We couldn’t wait for a whole day to celebrate her!

I set all her presents out the night before with a big ‘Happy Birthday’ banner! I knew she would be thrilled to see all the packages when she woke up!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 001Hannah's 5th Birthday 018

When she woke up, we all sang Happy Birthday to her, had a little breakfast and then it was time to open all those presents!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 022Hannah's 5th Birthday 023Hannah's 5th Birthday 025Hannah's 5th Birthday 026Hannah's 5th Birthday 028Hannah's 5th Birthday 030Hannah's 5th Birthday 033Hannah's 5th Birthday 036Hannah's 5th Birthday 037Hannah's 5th Birthday 042Hannah's 5th Birthday 044Hannah's 5th Birthday 045Hannah's 5th Birthday 047Hannah's 5th Birthday 049
Furby was a huge hit with Noah!

Then, it was time to head to Build-A-Bear so she could finally get the Hello Kitty she’s been desperately wanting! After we left there, we let Hannah choose where to eat for lunch. Chik Fil A of course!
Hannah's 5th Birthday 051Hannah's 5th Birthday 054Hannah's 5th Birthday 056Hannah's 5th Birthday 060Hannah's 5th Birthday 062Hannah's 5th Birthday 063Hannah's 5th Birthday 069

When we got home, we finished up the cupcakes Hannah and I made for her class. Then off to school she went! Her teacher said she had a fun birthday day at school. They sang to her, they had cupcakes and she got a fun birthday tiara from her teacher!

Hannah's 5th Birthday 006Hannah's 5th Birthday 007Hannah's 5th Birthday 020Hannah's 5th Birthday 009Hannah's 5th Birthday 010Hannah's 5th Birthday 014Hannah's 5th Birthday 012
After school, Mimi and Uncle Jacob came over to visit Hannah. While they were over her last package arrived! I was SO excited. It’s a mommy puppy with 4 tiny babies. I had one when I was little and figured Hannah would LOVE it! She was so excited to see find the babies in the mommy’s belly and she hasn’t set them down since!

It was such a perfect day for our sweet five year old!
Happy Birthday Hannah!
We love you SO much!

The next day, she had a fun girls day waiting for her. Stay tuned for that post!

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