Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! {2012}

Warning!! This post is full of ridiculously cute pictures. I just couldn’t leave ANY of them out!

Hannah and I started off the day by making sweet treats for her friends at school. I had SO many awesome ideas for treats and what-not for her friends, but she goes to a private school that does not celebrate any holiday at all. So we had to stick with pumpkins {they weren’t even allowed to eat them in class}! But that’s ok! We sent them anyways :)

Halloween 2012 002

After school, we went to Mckinney’s Scare on the Square for trick-or-treating. They blocked off the square so we didn’t have to worry about cars and crossing the streets. There was even a little ghost hunt! The kids had a b.l.a.s.t! It was crazy hot outside, especially since Noah was in a very poofy costume, but it didn’t even phase my little trick-or-treaters!
Halloween 2012 007Halloween 2012 009Halloween 2012 012Halloween 2012 013Halloween 2012 017Halloween 2012 021Halloween 2012 023Halloween 2012 027Halloween 2012 029

Halloween 2012 034Halloween 2012 036Halloween 2012 041Halloween 2012 045

They were very excited!

Halloween 2012 048Halloween 2012 051
We were so excited daddy was able to go with us before he had class!

Halloween 2012 053
Our first piece of candy!

Halloween 2012 054Halloween 2012 055Halloween 2012 056Halloween 2012 059Halloween 2012 061Halloween 2012 062Halloween 2012 064Halloween 2012 065Halloween 2012 072Halloween 2012 077Halloween 2012 083

Afterwards, we went to our friend’s house to go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood the traditional way. It was our very first time trick-or-treating in a neighborhood. We’ve always gone to our church, but they didn’t have the usual festival this year! Hannah said “These people are so nice for giving us candy!” I’d say they had a lot of fun with their friends!

Halloween 2012 084
{Noah, Madison, and Hannah}

Halloween 2012 085
Halloween 2012 087Halloween 2012 088Halloween 2012 090Halloween 2012 091Halloween 2012 098
Madison’s ADORABLE little brother, Hamilton!

Halloween 2012 103Halloween 2012 105Halloween 2012 106
Best of friends!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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