Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinkalicious the Musical!

{Day 2 of Hannah’s Birthday Weekend!}


Everything is PINK!

I was SO excited when a good friend of mine told me about Pinkalicious at the Dallas Children’s Theater! She used to watch my babies and read Pinkalicious to Hannah all the time. It’s still one of her favorite books, and is read weekly!

We started out our day with a girls lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse {our fav Italian food!} inside the train before we went.

After lunch we made the drive to Dallas. The whole way she was trying to guess what we were doing. I kept it a surprise from her until we drove in the parking lot. It was pouring down rain, but she noticed all the little girls dressed in pink walking in with their moms. The marquee on the sign gave it away before I had a chance to tell her! She still didn’t really know what to expect though… until, we walked inside. It was a pink-eriffic wonderland!

First things first! Taking a picture in that FABULOUS chair! I mean seriously!? We need one!

They were giving out the cutest, hand-painted princess bags with lots of goodies inside! Of course, we also had to purchase a lovely tiara and wand just like Pinkalicious has!

Hannah and a few other girls were called up on stage for a special birthday song, sung by the whole crowd! Hannah was ecstatic that they ”knew” it was her birthday! ;)

During intermission, Sprinkles Cupcakes were there with Pinkalicious cupcakes!

After the show we were first in line to meet Pinkalicious! Hannah was so happy she knew it was her birthday {I guess she remembered her name being called?!}

Not more than five minutes in the car, sweet babe was conked!

She dressed up like a princess as soon as we got home, and insisted that daddy immediately draw her a Pinkalicious to color. He did a pretty great job!


I’d say she had a Pinkatastic day!

Stay tuned for Hannah’s Party post!

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