Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you read to your kids?

I was thinking about this today…

I don’t remember being read to a lot when I was little. I also grew up not really enjoying reading at all. It made me wonder why. I think it’s because I was never told to read very much.

Now that I am a mother though, I realize how important it is to read for yourself, and read to your kids! Chances are, if your child sees you reading, he/she will be more likely to want to read - or listen to you tell a story!


I could list a hundred reasons why reading to your children is a good thing, but these are my favorite:

{1} Bonding. Reading aloud requires complete focus on the book and your child. You can't engage in any other activity while you are reading, and trust me, giving children the gift of your complete attention is a beautiful bond of love. It also teaches them at an early age to listen, focus, and understand things better. Even more so when they ask questions after!

{2} Building. You may not see it, but reading together causes growth; vocabulary, knowledge in new subjects, communication {listening} skills and my favorite: a closer relationship with your child.

{3} Habit. The more you read, the more you will want to read. Start with one picture book, or a chapter in a novel. Visit the library and let your children choose what interests them - make it an adventure. You are gifting them a life-long habit of lasting joy!

Children model our behavior, so why not make it significant!

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