Saturday, November 3, 2012

kid’s art display {tutorial}

So, I've had a problem for a while.

1. Miss H LOVES "arts and crafts" time.

2. Miss H can find tape, no matter where I hide it, and help herself to a piece.

3. Miss H loves to help me "decorate".

So, I've been trying to come up with a solution.

I mean, I love Hannah and Noah’s art, but I don't love it taped randomly all over the house or covering the entire fridge!

Some kind of art display was in order.

I loved these ideas:

Art Gallery_1


So I made my own art display!

Fall 2012 014

Fall 2012 017

Fall 2012 020

Supplies needed:

1x8 pine boards

Spray paint


Large paper clips (found mine @ Walmart; $1.88 for 2)

Wood glue

Picture hangers

1. Measure your wall space, and decide how long you want your boards to be.

2. Go to your local hardware store, pick out your boards, and have them cut to size. {this will save you so much work - they usually will cut your boards for free!} I was SO happy that I found the perfect boards in my backyard that were also the perfect length!

3. Paint your boards. {I used some enamel that I already had}
Fall 2012 001

4. Sand down the edges (if you liked the distressed look)

5. Evenly space your clips across the board, and mark when you want them.
Fall 2012 010

6. Use wood glue (or gorilla glue, etc) to glue your large clips on.

7. Install the picture hangers to each end of your board.
Fall 2012 008

8. Hang on wall. (and attach art of course!)
Fall 2012 012

9. If you want vinyl lettering, you can cut it yourself using a Cameo (that's what I did), or find a vinyl shop online - there are tons!

Fall 2012 018