Tuesday, November 27, 2012

North Pole Breakfast {2012}

One year ago today, we had our very {first} visit from James! - it was a hit! Hannah loved it! Noah didn’t quite understand the situation last year, but loved finding James with Hannah every morning. We were so excited about it we decided to make it an annual tradition to kick off the Christmas season! This year, we had a fun North Pole Breakfast to welcome James. Surprisingly, he brought a friend with him! A sweet little girl Elf.

Collage 1

Please let me introduce you to Pippa! {She’s the pretty elf holding the spatula!} She baked the kids some very yummy Christmas butter cookies. James left Hannah and Noah the sweetest little letter, telling them how he would report back to Santa every night to let him know if they have been good or not!
Collage 2

Thankfully, our elves are health conscious! They left the kids a bacon and egg casserole to enjoy :)

Christmas 2012- Elf on the Shelf 024

Christmas 2012- Elf on the Shelf 023

James and Pippa left Hannah and Noah some presents... They couldn’t wait to try on their new pajamas after breakfast! This is why having an Elf is worth the effort, check out these precious little faces! Seeing life through their innocent eyes has got to be one of the most precious gifts motherhood brings.
Collage 3
The elves also brought Hannah and Noah a toy elf {made especially for them} to love, touch and cuddle.
Noah hasn’t set him down yet! The kids named him Peeky {like peek-a-boo} since that is the game they’ve been playing all morning!

Christmas 2012- Elf on the Shelf 035

They finished off their breakfast with a fun movie that James brought them. May they always remain this close!
Christmas 2012- Elf on the Shelf 036

Hannah and Noah,
I hope, when you're all grown up one day… you'll look back on our family's quirky traditions and they will warm your heart

Love, Mommy

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