Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Felt Board–DIY

Hannah and Noah have fell in love with the felt board at the library.
I looked all over the web for one, or for some on Etsy and couldn’t find any that I liked.
So I decided to make my own!

It’s a work in progress!

I took requests! Hannah wanted some “girls”, a castle and a carriage.

Felt Board 013

Noah, of course, wanted all sorts of trucks. He settled for a school bus, firetruck {his ladder is already damaged!} and an airplane.

Felt Board 001

Felt Board 005

Felt Board 006

Felt Board 002

Felt Board 007
My personal favorite are the duckies in the pond! They are so fuzzy.

Felt Board 010

Felt Board 011

Felt Board 012

I’m still in the process of taking more requests for the “town felt board”…

and in the process of making a mix-and-match cupcake and ice cream felt board!

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