Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Candle Light Service

Every year since Josh and I were little, our families {separately} attended the candle light service at Lake Point Church in Rockwall for Christmas Eve. I am so excited that now, as our own family, we can attend the very same service with our children. Hannah and Noah really enjoy the “Christmas service” and look forward to it every year now that they are getting older.

This year, my family and Josh’s all came for the same service. It was good to see everyone in one place. Jason Castro was there again this year singing with the choir. It’s fun to see him in person!

They really enjoyed the “snow” that was lining the stage when we first got there.

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We were there with Josh’s family but my family was sitting in a different section. When Hannah found out Memaw was in the same place as us, she insisted on sitting with her. I missed my girl during the service but I heard she really enjoyed it.



As always, the music was amazing and so was the service.

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