Monday, December 3, 2012

Elf on the Shelf {Day 2-4)

After our North Pole Breakfast, James and Pippa got started on their shenanigans!

Take a look at what they have been up to so far…James and Pippa got some of the ideas from their friends…and, other ideas they come up with ALL by themselves! ;) 

Day 2: Hannah and Noah made Santa ornaments the day before and gave them to James and Pippa so that they could take them to Santa on their trip back to the North Pole that night! When Hannah and Noah woke up the next morning, James had a note for them saying that he delivered their ornaments to Santa, and Mrs. Claus hung them on her tree! Hannah got a kick out of that. She was so happy! Pippa was sitting next to a Santa that we have holding a sign that said “I <3 Santa”. Hannah said it’s because she’s new and she probably misses him still. Melt my heart!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 004
Sweetest thing ever that Hannah wrote “thank u” on the ornaments! She is so cute!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 005
Noah's 3rd Birthday 009

Day 3: James and Pippa trapped Hannah in her bedroom! Hannah said they must not have done it to Noah’s door, since he never stays in his bed! LOL

Noah's 3rd Birthday 011Noah's 3rd Birthday 012

Day 4: James and Pippa scribbled all over Hannah and Noah’s coloring books!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 049Noah's 3rd Birthday 052Noah's 3rd Birthday 051

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