Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating

Three weeks ago I saw a sign at Whole Foods saying that there was going to be free cookie decorating! We invited our friends Abigail and her daughter Madison to come along with us. I love going to WF for things like this because I don’t have to feel bad about my kids eating the sweets. It’s all organic and healthy and worry free! We got there a little before our friends so we played on our favorite tractor for a bit.

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Noah loves his new Shaun White clothing! He told me he was going to be a snow border when he grows up just like Shaun! Daddy better move us to Colorado soon so we can get started!
Prairie Lights 190Prairie Lights 191Prairie Lights 192

Once our friends got there, we got started on decorating.

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Hannah had no problem eating hers when she was finished. Noah couldn’t stand messing up his d├ęcor long enough to take a bite!

Prairie Lights 213Prairie Lights 214

They had a great time and the cookie decorating replaced our gingerbread house decorating that we normally do. It’s been a very busy few weeks!

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