Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Noah is {3}!

Finally I am updating the letters to my sweet babies. {Hannah, your five year post is coming so soon yet so late! SORRY!}

My big boy is turning THREE. He was just a newborn yesterday. Seriously. It’s hitting me so hard this year. He is getting so big. I guess it’s more sad that he’s three than it was when Hannah turned 3 because I had a baby in the house {Noah}. Now, I have NO babies in the house and husband doesn’t want any more. SADSVILLE!


Even though it’s so sad that you are so big, you are such a precious blessing to our entire family. You are such a sweet, kind, giving, funny, precious, smart, sensitive, compassionate, remorseful, determined, beautiful little love! I couldn’t ask for better qualities in a little boy. God answered all my prayers when you entered our lives on December 4, 2009. I wouldn’t have you any other way!11842_223747416210_656739_n[1]

Here’s an interview that I did with you just the other day, while Hannah was at school {a few days before you turned 3}.

Hannah's First Cheerleading Game 050

Do you like to sleep?

Noah: Nooo, I don’t want to take a nap!
Mommy: We aren’t taking a nap today, just talking. Can we talk?
Do you like sleeping?
Noah: I’m not tired but I want to sleep with you.

You {still} are not that great of a sleeper. At one year old, and then two, I thought this will be the year you sleep in your own bed, all night. But here we are, 3 years old, and you still sleep with mommy and daddy. I know one day I will be so sad when there are no babies snuggling with us in bed. But we just have this crazy attachment for each other that we can’t seem to shake! You go to sleep in your own bed between 7:30-8:30 every night and wake up from anywhere from 12am-4am to climb into our bed. You like to sleep on my pillow and you always request that I scratch your back. You still love sleeping with your “truck blanky” and you like to sleep on my pillow with me. You usually are up between 7am-8am every morning and immediately ask for a “faffle” {waffle} and then you go straight to the couch in the living room and say “Mooooom, I.need.something.to.driiiiink” in the cutest, LOUDest voice!

Nap time is usually around 12 now that Hannah is back in school, and you usually sleep 2-3 hours! Some days you don’t want to sleep at all but are content to just lay in my bed and play or watch TV instead. I figure that resting is better than nothing. I don’t look forward to the day that you decide napping is not necessary. But, for now, I’ll be thankful for what I get!

Valentines Babies! 037

What do you love to eat/drink?

Noah: Ummmmmm….. I like faffles {waffles}, chicken nuggets, ketchup, chicken, meat {beef}, ragiolis {raviolis}, and macaroni. The shells!

You are a fantastic eater! You will try anything without hesitation and you usually like it! Your favorite go-to is a cheese stick. But your norm is cereal, weenies, applesauce, pretzels, any kind of meat, pb&j’, mac and cheese, any veggie I give you, and any kind of pasta! You aren’t big into fruit but that’s ok. You like oranges, bananas, sometimes apples, and you love watermelon. Lunch is almost always at home, but if we do go out your favorite is Chic-Fil-A food and McDonalds for the playing! Thankfully, you’ll always try what I make for dinner but you take forever to eat. If everyone is finished and gets up from the table, you either won’t finish your food- or you will take at least 30 minutes to eat! Drives me crazy, but slow eating is a good thing. {Mommy takes forever too, but not quite as long as you!}

Hannah's 5th Birthday 015

What are your favorite toys?

Noah: Transforms! {Transformers}

You play much better when Hannah is with you. When she isn’t with you, you prefer to just sit by me and color, or play with a car near me. You and Hannah love playing outside together. You are great at imaginative play and this makes Hannah so happy. You usually go along with whatever game she thinks up. You race in the backyard, race cars down the hall, build blocks with her, play with her toys and play with your own. We just got an iPad and you love playing games on there and my phone, and you love puzzles and games when I play with you! ! You’re really into golf and soccer with daddy and Hannah, and tell me {almost daily} that when you turn 3, your are going to play soccer! Makes your Daddy proud!

Ethans birthday 020

What shows do you like to watch?

Noah: Jake {and the Neverland Pirates}, and Little Einsteins!
You LOVE shows! You and Hannah only watch shows on Disney Junior. I let you guys watch them before nap time and before bed time. We always say “five minutes” and when it’s up, you always put up a fight! When we watch “On Demand” shows you love picking Einsteins or the Lorax movie {thankfully, we own it now}. You pretty much love any kind of kid movie there is. Any time I ask if you want to watch one, you get so excited and want to watch it over and over!

Mother's Day 008

Do you have any favorite songs?
Noah: {starts singing twinkle, twinkle}

Unlike your sister, you are not big in to music at all. You like to listen to music channels on TV and dance while I’m doing laundry, or listen to “your songs” in the car. They consist of this Jewel CD, Hermie and Friends, and a compilation of kid songs from Hannah’s MDO teachers.

july 4th 005

What makes you sad/frustrated?

Noah: When Hannah takes my toys!

You don’t get frustrated too often. But lately you have started some “Terrible Three” behavior. It’s not so bad that you’re getting in trouble constantly, but you do get very upset about random things. Especially when it’s time for bed. Usually, when I ask if you have a happy heart, you will stop crying/being upset and give my hug or at least a smile.

Plano Christmas Tree Lighting 2012 055

What makes you happy?

Noah: You and playing with Hannah and daddy!

A lot of things make you happy! You love projects with me, playing golf with daddy, going to church, going to friend’s houses for play dates, when people come over, when you get a new toy for being good, going shopping with me, playing cars, watching a movie, picking up Hannah from school, etc. You just really love being with me, daddy and Hannah and doing anything that we have planned for the day. You also just love being home and playing with your toys.

Halloween 2012 062

What makes you laugh?

Noah: When Hannah tickles me!

Last day of school 2012 009

Where do you love to go?

Noah: to Mimi’s house, to chweerweading {cheerleading} with Hannah, and to the park!


What do you love to do?

Noah: Play with Hannah…

{I think Hannah is the best person in the world in your eyes :) }

Noah's 3rd Birthday 073

Is it better to be two or three?
Noah: THREE, because I’ll be bigger when I’m three!

I don’t know which age I love more! Three does happen to seem a little more challenging than two, but I love that you’re truly my little buddy! I have normal conversations with you all day and NEVER have a dull moment when you’re around! You CONSTANTLY talk to me… Asking questions…telling stories…telling me you love me…talking about what we’re doing…and more!

 You have some bad habits…
*Sleeping in my bed or refusing to take a nap
*You have the tendency to be really grumpy for no real reason. We are working on having a happy heart more often!
*By telling us “just a minute” instead of doing what we ask right away.

But your good qualities outweigh the bad!
*You are very polite…please and thank you are almost always used!
*You are compassionate…to babies, people, animals, your toys! You just have such a sweet heart!
*You always potty on the big potty and you never miss! {You even insist on wiping yourself!}
*You always want to help…help me cook, clean, do my shop projects and more!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 078

I love you! I recently looked at you and told you that I wanted you to stop growing and stay this big forever. You told me you ARE big already! You are so precious, so handsome, and so full of love. I could squeeze and cuddle you all day - everyday {and we usually do}! I hope you remain as sweet and kind as you are. You are such a blessing to daddy, me and Hannah. We don’t know what we’d do without our little Noah-Nater!

I love you,
Your Mommy

{pictures are from this past year}

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