Sunday, December 2, 2012

Noah’s 3rd Birthday! {Trash Truck Party}

We celebrated Noah turning three today! Thankfully for me, he is still two for 3 more days!

He has loved garbage trucks and recycling trucks for awhile now, and garbage day is seriously the BEST day of the week at our house! Him and Hannah run to the back door every Monday morning and watch the trucks pick up and dump the cans. He came up with the idea of this party all on his own. It was so fun to put it all together for him!

Cake and table
My sister-in-law did an excellent job on the cake as usual! It was perfect!

The decorations were so easy! {and all recyclable Winking smile} I made a table cloth out of newspaper and painted recycling logos on them, cut flowers out of different food boxes, used my Cameo {flipping love that thing!} to easily cut out the circles and letters for the birthday banner, and gave little indoor plants as favors! The plants were a huge hit with Hannah. She couldn’t wait to pass out the “goodies”!
Decor and Favors
I made the wreath out of newspaper, painted letters and cut out a truck with my the Cameo also!
Mommy daddy noah
The birthday boy was so excited waiting on his friends and family to arrive! The party was at 3pm so it was a long wait for him. He was so happy when everyone started to show up. It took a few days for him to realize that it was his birthday party, but once everyone got there he knew it was his and he was turning 3!

Picking Up Trash
After playing in their rooms for a while, we played a trash pick up game outside. I got the little claw handles at Toys R Us. I had family save their water bottles and crinkled up newspaper as the “trash”. They had so much fun using their “grabbers”!
games and presentsx
After picking up trash, we played “Pin the Tail on Bulls Eye”. {from Toy Story}. It was a garbage truck/Toy Story birthday in honor of Noah’s new Toy Story Garbage Truck!
Blowing Out Candles
After games, it was time for cake! He couldn’t wait to sit down and eat it! As soon as his aunt brought the cake he grabbed a spoon and sat at the table. Finally we talked him into playing with his friends and he could have cake when it was time. He blew out his candles and made a good wish I hope!

Present Opening
We had LOTS of help opening presents! Noah was sweet and didn’t mind sharing his toys at all. He loved everything he got and was so overwhelmed by all the wonderful new toys and clothes!
opening presents
Mimi got him a Lighting Mcqueen ride on car, and it was a big hit with all the kids. Noah let every.single.kid have a ride on it before he finally got on. That’s my sweet boy!Truck

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!

I hope you enjoyed your party as much as I think you did!

Mommy loves you so much and I know that being 3 is going to be really fun for everyone!

-- Birthday printables were all made by me.  I will be offering them in my shop very soon. Not only this birthday but all designs from the past as well! Very exciting for Fickle Pickle Designs! --


  1. Ok, that cake is awesome! Great party; looks like everyone had a blast - especially the birthday boy!! Sad we had to miss...

    1. I just love my sister-in-laws cake decorating skills! He had so much fun :) We are sad you guys couldn't make it and sad we missed Hamilton's!