Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our {Christmas} House

Doing a little link up to this fun party!


First up, a picture of our mantel to go with the party!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 030

And now, some of our favorite new, and sentimental decorations and ornaments!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 016Noah's 3rd Birthday 017Noah's 3rd Birthday 018
LOVE our new tree skirt!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 019Noah's 3rd Birthday 020Noah's 3rd Birthday 021
Hannah made the sweet snow girl ornament this year. I love it!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 022
I got this ornament from a parent at the MDO I worked at last year.

Noah's 3rd Birthday 023
What would my tree be without owls all over?!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 024Noah's 3rd Birthday 025
The puppy was Hannah’s “new ornament” pick this year and the elf was Noah’s! {I let them pick out two new ones for our big tree each year, and one for theirs}

Noah's 3rd Birthday 027Noah's 3rd Birthday 028
Hannah and Noah’s initials…{their pick last year}

Noah's 3rd Birthday 029
Our initial… {my pick this year}
Noah's 3rd Birthday 031
I LOVE moose! My sister-in-law MADE this one for me last year. I cherish it so much!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 033
Noah's 3rd Birthday 040Noah's 3rd Birthday 041
Love this table runner I found two weeks ago!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 035Noah's 3rd Birthday 037Noah's 3rd Birthday 038
Love that the vinyl “hello” has gone so well with every seasonal d├ęcor change so far!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 043
A new Christmas pillow was in order since the last one got eaten by the dog!

Noah's 3rd Birthday 046Noah's 3rd Birthday 042
Our advent calendar

Noah's 3rd Birthday 048
And my most favorite… our sweet little manger! The kids just love it :)

Noah's 3rd Birthday 056
And last but not least, the cutest darn donut hole you’ve EVER seen! {I had to Winking smile}


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your house. Especially that Christmas pillow!