Friday, December 21, 2012

Prairie Lights 2012 {Part 1}

This year, we decided the kids were old enough to make the hour long drive to Grand Prairie and enjoy the drive through lights scene. Little did we know that when we got there, the line was MILES outside of the park. It went pretty fast though. We laid the seats down in the back of my SUV and loaded it up with snacks, colors, blankets and pillows. My mom, her boyfriend, and daughter went with us. We all loaded into one car when we got closer because it was $30 per car load! {We were safe inside the park when the kids got out of their seats}… The kids were so excited, they didn’t mind waiting in line at all.

Prairie Lights 011Prairie Lights 013Prairie Lights 021

Of course as soon as the line split into two lanes, my very sociable son immediately made new friends with the kids in the surrounding cars. He was cracking us up!Prairie Lights 050Prairie Lights 053

Noah was so excited because first up was a real fire station with a light up fire truck and police car out front- his favorite!

Prairie Lights 023
{sorry, I was still working on adjusting the camera settings}

Prairie Lights 027Prairie Lights 036Prairie Lights 037Prairie Lights 038Prairie Lights 039Prairie Lights 041Prairie Lights 044Prairie Lights 045Prairie Lights 069Prairie Lights 054 - CopyPrairie Lights 070Prairie Lights 056Prairie Lights 058 - Copy

Prairie Lights 059Prairie Lights 062Prairie Lights 063Prairie Lights 064Prairie Lights 065Prairie Lights 067Prairie Lights 068

The “Twelve Days of Christmas” were up next. We sang the song to the kids the whole way through. Thankfully Memaw knew the whole song!
Prairie Lights 077
Prairie Lights 096Prairie Lights 097Prairie Lights 098Prairie Lights 099
Prairie Lights 100Prairie Lights 101
Prairie Lights 102Prairie Lights 103

I missed number 9 :(
Prairie Lights 105Prairie Lights 106
Prairie Lights 107
Prairie Lights 074Prairie Lights 076Prairie Lights 081Prairie Lights 083Prairie Lights 084Prairie Lights 086Prairie Lights 088Prairie Lights 090Prairie Lights 091Prairie Lights 092Prairie Lights 093Prairie Lights 094Prairie Lights 117Prairie Lights 118Prairie Lights 108Prairie Lights 109Prairie Lights 110Prairie Lights 111Prairie Lights 112Prairie Lights 113Prairie Lights 114Prairie Lights 116

That’s it for Part 1 of the park! The middle has a few surprises! Part 2 is coming up next…

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