Thursday, December 20, 2012

Redline Cheer Nationals

This was Hannah’s first cheer competition! She was very nervous the whole two weeks before. We told her if she tried her hardest that we would be so proud of her even if she messed up. As soon as we got to the venue, all her fears were left at the door. Her AND Noah were so excited to be there.  We found her team and went to stake our claim of seats in the stands!

Redline Cheer Nationals 080Redline Cheer Nationals 081Redline Cheer Nationals 083Redline Cheer Nationals 085IMG_3066IMG_3089

After we got settled, the girls were taken by their coach to go warm up. This is the last time we saw them before they went to compete! There were a couple of teams before Hannah’s, but then they finally came out! I was beyond excited! I thought I was going to cry!

Their routine is 2 minutes long and includes a cheer, a dance, and stunting.

After their AMAZING performance, we took Hannah to get a sussy! She picked out a purple cheer bear. Once her friends saw it, their dads were soon too follow… Sorry parents!Redline Cheer Nationals 142Redline Cheer Nationals 144

There were quite a few more teams after Hannah’s that had to perform before awards were given. Hannah’s team finished around 10 and awards didn’t end up being given until 1:30! Noah got bored eventually, so of course he found himself a girl friend to sit with!
Redline Cheer Nationals 150Redline Cheer Nationals 151

The girls ate lunch together and played in the stands for quite a while….Redline Cheer Nationals 088Redline Cheer Nationals 089Redline Cheer Nationals 090Redline Cheer Nationals 093Redline Cheer Nationals 096Redline Cheer Nationals 099Redline Cheer Nationals 101Redline Cheer Nationals 171Redline Cheer Nationals 174Redline Cheer Nationals 175Redline Cheer Nationals 180

After a lot of playing, they were finally called to the stage for awards! They cheered up immediately. They played a couple of fun dance songs while the judges finished up the scores…IMG_3336IMG_3338IMG_3337

I didn’t get any pictures of them with their trophy because there were so many girls on the floor. They ended up winning first place in nationals, got one big team trophy and won “Nationals” jackets!! Overall our gym won 14 trophy’s {1st place for each},a couple nationals and a few grand nationals. We also won the “rowdiest gym award”! Figures, because we were VERY loud in the stands!
Redline Cheer Nationals 181Redline Cheer Nationals 187Redline Cheer Nationals 189
Redline Cheer Nationals 190
This is one of Hannah’s favorite coaches, {for another team in the gym} Taylor.. She coaches two teams and is on the level 5 team that was going on later that day! They ended up doing great!

Redline Cheer Nationals 191
We took our very tired champion home and called it a day! She is so excited for the upcoming competition in February!
Redline Cheer Nationals 192

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