Thursday, January 10, 2013

All she wanted…

was a snow day! The whole two months before Christmas, Hannah prayed that it would snow. Much to my surprise, the weather man was stating on Christmas Eve that it would actually happen the next day.

I didn’t tell Hannah because I didn’t want her to be let down. It rained all of Christmas morning.

By the afternoon, it was pouring snow! It was coming down fast and hard all night! We waited until the next day to go out in it. The kids were begging to play outside but I knew as soon as they got out there they would be cold, wet and upset. Hannah did ok and loved it. Noah however, was crying, slipping and falling. Daddy had to carry him inside.They both lasted all of about 10 minutes before they just gave up. We just don’t have snow gear on hand here in Texas. I’m just so thankful that my sweet girl’s 6th Christmas was everything she hoped it would be!

Christmas 2012 175Christmas 2012 176
He was not as excited as his sister…
Christmas 2012 177Christmas 2012 179Christmas 2012 181Christmas 2012 182Christmas 2012 186Christmas 2012 187
Noah’s first request to go inside….Christmas 2012 188Christmas 2012 191
Then I talked him in to taking a picture with his momma :)

Christmas 2012 192Christmas 2012 196Christmas 2012 197Christmas 2012 198Christmas 2012 201Christmas 2012 204Christmas 2012 207Christmas 2012 209Christmas 2012 211

He was super done by this point. He fell a good 6 times on the ice. Poor guy had a sore bum and wet feet! He refused to walk any more! At least we can say we played in the snow in 2012…

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