Saturday, February 16, 2013

Go Rain Drops!

We had back-to-back competitions the past two weekends! We won first place in our division in both and National Grand Champion at the first! We are so proud of our little cheerleader and couldn’t be more happy that she got to experience all of this! The whole team has worked very hard all year.

CheerSport Nationals:

Bright and early in Denton, TX!

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This dude is such a good sport and such a great little brother at his sister’s competition! For a 3 year old, his behavior is amazing for the hours he has to sit there!

CheerSport Nationals 2013

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2013 053

She was SO happy they all got medals this time along with their trophy!
2013 0762013 0782013 0802013 082

CheerStar Nationals:

Bright and early in Denton again! {momma doesn’t do early!}
I was NOT feeling well that morning and needless to say we made it there RIGHT before she was to go on! Sorry again Coach Missye!!

CheerSport Nationals 009
Even though we were {so sadly} late, she didn’t miss a beat! She did so well!
CheerSport Nationals 010CheerSport Nationals 012CheerSport Nationals 119CheerSport Nationals 02869627_10151422800862398_1927470553_n
They won a team medal, jackets and a team trophy! We are so proud of our little Rain Drops!149909_10151422801607398_647742163_n
This is a picture of all of the teams from our gym {EC Athletics} that were there that day. Much smaller number than usual! They all pulled 1st place in their divisions. I love being with such a wonderful gym full of wonderful, amazing, hard-working coaches!
222646_10151422800557398_783831162_nCheerSport Nationals 046
Everyone’s waiting for awards and dancing!
CheerSport Nationals 070
The little ones couldn’t see over the big ones, so they all started stunting. It was hilarious! But then they got in trouble!
CheerSport Nationals 117
We were having a blast singing and dancing in the stands!CheerSport Nationals 075
Not sure whose shoulder’s my daughter was on!?CheerSport Nationals 112CheerSport Nationals 123

This was Hannah’s last competition for the season! Soccer starts this Monday {Her team is the Unicorns! How darn cute!?} and she is so excited! I think she will want to do cheer again next season. We’ll find out soon enough :) We are so proud of you Han!

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  1. So cute! By the way, she showed us A LOT of cheerleading moves the other night at our house. LOL!