Saturday, March 9, 2013

Doctor Visits…

We’ve had to visit the doctor for various reasons throughout the past few weeks, but have always found a way to make it fun!

The kids loved the funny camera options on the iPad! They were taking pictures of everything…

2013-02-01 11.38.302013-02-01 11.38.392013-02-01 11.38.532013-02-01 11.39.102013-02-01 11.39.212013-02-01 11.39.272013-02-01 11.41.032013-02-01 11.41.07
Who turned out the lights!? Noah was very interested at how “bright” our mouths were! I think we look a little scary…
2013-02-01 11.42.272013-02-01 11.42.36
I suddenly have twin Hannah’s!
2013-02-01 11.42.54
2013-02-12 09.37.342013-02-12 09.37.492013-02-12 09.37.572013-02-12 09.38.01
They love the Sky Bridge at MCP…
2013-02-12 09.38.462013-02-12 09.38.562013-02-12 09.40.02
It was just so cool that cars were going under us! Every time a big truck came everyone started screaming! Hope we didn’t disturb anyone. I love the joy in my baby’s hearts!

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