Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mall Fun

While playing at the mall, Hannah decided that she would do the bungee trampoline. I think her new found bravery for “scary stuff” is largely due to her having been a cheerleader. Fine with me! She did so well and loved every second of it! Noah weighed enough to do it but wanted no part of it! We played around and rode the carousel while waiting for our turn…

2013-01-19 18.13.402013-01-19 19.46.032013-01-19 19.46.072013-01-19 19.47.242013-01-19 19.47.342013-01-19 19.47.412013-01-19 19.49.352013-02-09 15.06.372013-02-09 15.06.542013-02-09 15.06.57

She was so brave!

2013-02-09 15.08.522013-02-09 15.11.112013-02-09 15.17.43

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