Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye Pre-k! Hello Summer!

Today was my sweet girl’s last day of pre-k! I can’t believe that very soon she will be an official Kindergartener! I’m really not sure where all the time went!!! I cannot believe my baby who wasn’t even walking until 14 months old is going to be SIX soon! I’m so proud of how far she came this year and how much she has learned. This past year she has gone through pre-k, been on a competitive cheerleading team, and played on her first soccer team. She’s getting to be such a big kid! Her school put on a little program for us the last day and then she had her graduation. It melted my heart to see her little certificate handed to her!

Here she is on her first day of pre-k!

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And here she is on her last! She grew so much!

The program the kids put on was so precious, and afterwards we got to have snacks and play with her friends one last time. She has talked non-stop all day about how sad she is and how much she will miss her friends. I’m happy though because she loved it, made friends, had great teachers, and it all led to what will surely be a super fun summer with my two (now) big kids!
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We are so proud of you Han and couldn’t be more thrilled to have such a precious, smart, sweet little girl like you!

Watch out summer! Here we come!

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