Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Unicorns Soccer 2012-2013

Hannah had such a blast in her first season of soccer! She made such a wonderful bond with each of her little team mates and she is so excited to play soccer again this Fall. I’m so proud of how much she learned in a few short months.

They didn’t always win every game, and some games we got seriously slammed. But Hannah always had a positive attitude, tried her absolute best and was never a sore loser! That’s all a mother could possibly ask of a child.

I was unable to attend a few of the games because I started an all-day Saturday Stats class that I just couldn’t miss. It broke my heart! Sorry baby girl. Never again will I take an 8-4 weekend class!!!

2013 001
Noah was always such a good sport at each and every practice and game. Such a sweet little brother!

2013 0322013 0422013 0462013 0472013 0592013 0622013 0652013 0772013 0802013 0812013 0902013 0942013 1012013 119
Hannah is #11
2013 1212013 1282013 131

We were so happy that Hannah’s grandparents and great-grandparents (my in-laws) were able to come to every game! She’s such a lucky girl. Thankfully, Memaw (my mom) was able to make it to the last one.

2013 1472013 162

It was super windy at most of the games. At one game, Papa brought a kite to fly around with Noah. He was SO happy! It was incredibly funny when at one point, the wind ripped the kite out of their hands and went flying across every.single.field a good football field away. A little embarrassing too. Needless to say, no more kite flying during soccer games. It was a little distracting to the players on our team, and others… and we totally lost that day….

2013 1712013 1762013 1782013 3122013 3152013 3182013 319

Ally, Zoey, Maya, Sabrina, and Fanny you will be missed so much! Hopefully we can all get together during the summer, and form another team in the fall together! What a great season of soccer!

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