Thursday, August 8, 2013

a little sand and sun

Finally after all these years, my best friend and I managed to plan a trip to Galveston with the fam after talking about it forever!
So exciting.
Hannah and Noah love their kids and they all play so well together! So we booked a 3 day trip to the beach and it couldn’t have been any better.

We stayed at Moody Gardens Hotel. It was so much more than we could have expected. The rooms had just been renovated and the hotel was beautiful. I want their designer to come on over to our house! It was such a kid-friendly place. We would’ve never left if it wasn’t for the beach!
It was so much fun we decided to take the kids back again mid-August with my in-laws.
I love that we can take a not-so-far drive and end up at the beach. It’s not Destin… but it’ll do for us and the kids!

(Note: Stupid me forgot any sort of real camera.
So I had to pull photos from everyone’s phones.
But don’t worry, all the extra good photos were on my phone and it crashed right when we returned home. Sadsville.)

Day 1: We left a day earlier than our friends so that we could have a full 2 days in Galveston. The kiddos have been wanting to stay in a downtown hotel for a long time, and with daddy’s Marriott perks we got a sweet hotel in downtown Houston. Needless to say, it was NOISY and there was a bug in the bed. Sorry Mr. Spouse, had to put that in there. Hopefully Marriott (love you guys) isn’t reading this ;)
josh's iphone 558 
Ready for the beach!

Day 2: We arrived in Galveston and smelled the fresh sea air! Mmmm… love pulling up to the beach. Those first sights are amazing! We got all checked into our hotel a little early, quickly unpacked everything (we turn into our home away from home in about 20 minutes) and grabbed some lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (kid’s choice). We tried talking them into some real seafood while we were at the beach but we caved because they’re so darn cute.
josh's iphone 560  josh's iphone 562 josh's iphone 564 josh's iphone 565 josh's iphone 568
Bub was quite terrified of the animals, lights and sounds so he came to sit with mom.

After lunch we got all ready for the pool and swam for a while waiting on our friends to get there! Once our friends arrived we swam for a while longer.
josh's iphone 569 josh's iphone 570
josh's iphone 573
Is she not the cutest baby you’ve ever seen!? She was SO well behaved the entire weekend. Not a fuss was made from this sweet babe. I was amazed by ALL the kid’s behavior!
josh's iphone 574
Noah was SO tired after a day of swimming, he actually requested to take a nap on the pool chair! Melted my heart!
josh's iphone 575

After dinner at a fun souvenir shop, we watched a not-so-awesome firework show but the kids loved it!
josh's iphone 577 josh's iphone 578 
Whole bunch of goobers in that picture. Who are those guys!?
 josh's iphone 581
Sad fireworks. LOL
josh's iphone 583 josh's iphone 585 josh's iphone 587
Our sweet friends! Aren’t they adorable!? There’s a total of 6 in this picture ;)
josh's iphone 588 josh's iphone 589 
Sorry ‘bout the picture quality folks.

Day 3: Beach day! To say we were excited was an understatement.
josh's iphone 591
Straight to the water while mommy set up shop!
josh's iphone 592
NOTE TO SELF: Bring enough boogie boards for every child. They were SO good with sharing Landon’s board though. Sweet kids.
josh's iphone 593
The girls were mermaids pretty much all day.
josh's iphone 594 josh's iphone 595
All 4 kiddos were beyond brave and were scaring us parents to death! The tide kept whisking their little bodies further and further down the beach. Gah! Being the crazy mom that I am, I made them wear their puddle jumpers. No complaints though!josh's iphone 598 josh's iphone 599  josh's iphone 602
Some tired people.
 josh's iphone 605 josh's iphone 606  josh's iphone 612 
Family pic! Whiteys on the left, tans on the right. You see here where Noah gets it from.

 josh's iphone 614
Really, really bummed that it was time to go.
josh's iphone 615 

After getting sand out of all sorts of places, both families decided to head to the pool because the water fun was not over yet. Moody Gardens has this awesome new water park called Palm Beach that is free for hotel guests. It was AWESOME!
We spent most of our time in the lazy river and the lagoon leading into the lazy river, because those were the only places where we could keep an eye on everyone. Hannah and Noah loved the lazy river and would swim as fast as they could through it! When we weren't in the lazy river, we were sitting under our umbrella or relaxing in the lagoon while the kids played.

After loooots of swimming we got ready for dinner. The restaurant had a really long wait and our sweet friends waited in the heat while us slowpokes made our way there. (We are not normally late, but our family of 4 was running behind their family of 5 -with preggo momma in tow- every single time!)

After the sun set, we went out on the beach to enjoy one of mommy’s most favorite pastimes on the beach! Chasing little crabs! My mom and dad would always take me on the beach after the sunset and I would chase after crabs nonstop. It took a while to prove my point but sooner than later I found the first one and the kids and Mr. Spouse were so impressed! I even went so far as to catch one of the extremely fast little buggers. GO mom!
josh's iphone 616 josh's iphone 617
I’m proud. Can’t ya tell? Thank goodness for cameras.

Day 4: The next morning was a sad one as it was time to leave. But NOT without breakfast and shopping with our friends first!
We were late to breakfast, but this time we had good reason! Josh mentioned to me that Hannah was taking quite a while in the bathroom. We just started to ask her if she was ok when she came out and said something was wrong with her tooth.
Eeeeeek! Mommy had a look and realized nothing was wrong. It was loose!!!! I wish we had video of my reaction. I was NOT prepared for this. I almost cried.
(Thankfully I posted the photo immediately to Facebook. Since it was taken on my phone, we know why that’s important…)

josh's iphone 618
We didn’t even make it past the gift shop in the hotel after breakfast before all 4 kids already had their first souvenir ;) one of those caving moments again. josh's iphone 619
No one could see. Ha.

We packed up our rooms, turned in our keys and headed to Murdoch’s. It’s a must when going to Galveston. I’ve shopped there ever since I was a little girl.
josh's iphone 621 josh's iphone 622
Daddy took a little rest while all of us shopped and while he was sitting on the porch, he saw dolphins swimming around! We ran out quickly and the kids were able to see a few fins surfacing every now and then. So cool for them.

After about an hour shopping, the kids decided on their purchase and we said goodbye to our friends. I was not ready to leave because we still hadn’t rode the ferry! Husband said no. He wanted to get home. Booooo.

All in all we had such a fun time, with amazingly well-behaved children and lots of stuff to see and do!

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