Sunday, October 13, 2013

Catching up: Noah’s First Day of Prek 4’s

I’m so awful! Mommy is sorry Noah, for posting this a month after you started school!

He was SO excited for his first day of school!
And, so was I.
No really though, he loves school and he has great teachers, Ms. Ally and Ms. Melissa :) He is attending Kid Care at our church CCBC so it was an easy transition for him since he’s already there most Sundays.

At “Meet the Teacher” night he got to meet all his new friends and guess what?! Everything in his class is owl themed! He was so excited for me! {I love owls} His teachers even made him an adorable owl bag to hold his snacks and bring with him to school everyday.

Of course we had to get lots of pictures before going in!
My little stud muffin <3
20130905_084655  20130905_084659
Just waiting in the hallway for his class to open, making silly faces :)  

He found his name on the door!
DSC_0617 DSC_0619
Start the waterworks tears of joy! My big boy sitting in his little seat on his first day!!

It was so hard to walk away from that cutie!!!

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