Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catching Up: Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

The weekend before Hannah’s birthday was pretty calm. Calmer than it would be her birthday weekend. Both kiddos LOVE animals and we figured it was a beautiful day and a short drive to Sharkarosa.
The kids had an absolute blast!
When we first got there, we saw bears! No big deal right?! But it was. We were not expecting to see bears at all and they were SO cute and furry. I want one.

 20130922_111538  20130922_111552 
After the bears, we jumped on a tram ride around the ranch. We went to see camels, beautiful horses, zebra, pigs, deer, and lots of other animals.
20130922_112033 20130922_112039   20130922_112134  20130922_113116     20130922_113222

All the animals came up to eat and the kids were able to pet them all!
20130922_113224     20130922_113603 
It’s a Zorse! A zebra/horse. The kids got a kick out of them! And they were so sweet and so soft!
20130922_113624  20130922_113632  20130922_113642 20130922_114154 20130922_114357
We loved the pigs. They were too cute. I also want a pet big with my bear.

20130922_114422 20130922_115632(0) 20130922_115925 20130922_125304 20130922_125417
The sloths were so furry and sleepy. We couldn’t see their faces.
This adorable little guy let us pet him!
We learned all about lemurs which was so exciting! They’re adorable too!
We ended our trip with a little train ride around the park. It was such a fun day with our babies!

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