Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lightning Soccer- Games 1-5

Noah has been doing SO well at soccer this year! Half the time, none of the players will go out for the game though! It’s usually Noah and one or two other kids taking on 5 kids from the other team and they still dominate the field every time! Amazing. He usually plays for all 4 quarters with no break!

Josh and I have to take turns going to games because football and soccer are scheduled the exact same time every weekend! Boooo….
20131006_145637 20131006_145649  20131006_145655   20131006_150108 20131006_150109 20131006_150110

Goal after goal after goal in a row made by our little soccer star!

20131006_150111 20131006_150113     2013-10-11 20.04.48-2

The last two games the coaches were out of town so daddy volunteered to coach. Noah loved it!

2013-10-11 20.12.48 2013-10-11 20.14.53 2013-10-11 20.20.33 2013-10-11 20.30.52 2013-10-11 20.32.06

last but not least, today’s game. LOVE the shots I got at this game!!
We had more players on this field this time, and go figure we pretty well got stomped by a kid who, I’m fairly positive, is 5 years old….

DSC_0031 DSC_0032
Noah (#11) just shoving his way through!
Checking out his finger…
No one listening to coach Josh…
DSC_0022 DSC_0029
“Who wants to kick off!?”

I just love being a soccer mom! ;)

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