Friday, November 1, 2013

{Trick or Treat!} 2013

Last year, we went with our new friends to go door-to-door unlike we’ve ever done before. The kids loved it and we really enjoyed going with other people. So, we did it again this year! Our friends have the perfect neighborhood for going door-to-door so we went over to their house again. Our house is on the end of the street and our street is fairly short so it’d be a LONG walk to go door-to-door in our neighborhood. We were so excited that daddy could come with us this year! Last year he had to work late and the kids were bummed.

Before we headed to our friends, Mimi and Papa came to see Dorothy and Batman.

While we were taking pictures in our yard, our neighbor hand delivered the kid’s first piece of Halloween candy. So sweet!


We had a little play time before Madison and Hamilton’s dad got home from work.DSC_0209

Of course Hannah can’t go anywhere without creating art… My little free child.


After Mr. Jared got home it was time to head out!

So….I’m guessing because the kids are a little older and Hannah is feeling quite independent, they weren’t listening to me very well. I feel like I was having to get onto them every second. Our friends probably think our kids are always horribly behaved but really it’s just when we go with them {not in a bad way}! I think amongst the littles Hannah feels that she needs to assert herself and her age. Ugh. After a lot of talking to, they calmed down and started listening a little better. It was a tad bit stressful.

This guy ended up being the highlight of the night with the adults on the walk. I’ll let you use your imagination to determine what this lovely pumpkin is supposed to be….


Madison and Noah now annually hold hands while trick-or-treating. One day we’ll have this same photo of theses two walking down the isle ;) Just kidding Jared!!
Last year {2012}:
Halloween 2012 087

We really went up and back down one full street this time. The kids got just a little bit of candy and I was more than ok with that! We went to a few more houses then went back to our friend’s for a surprise dinner and some more playing. The White’s got the kids the cutest Jack-O-Lantern Pizza and it was a big hit!

We went through their candy, ate some of it, had a little meltdown, cleaned up and went home! It was so much fun and overall the kids had fun with each other!


Happy Halloween Boys and Girls!

And for a little flashback:
Hannah {Left} and Abigail {Right}


Hannah crawling on daddy’s shoes. She wasn’t walking yet! Hannah and Abigail were both ladybugs that year. Too cute! They’re only a month apart and Abigail was already walking and running around for quite some time before Hannah!

{There’s a poodle skirt under there. It was cold that year!}

Halloween 2010 006Halloween 2010 026

Halloween 2011 042_thumb[2]Halloween 2012 083_thumb[1]
Halloween 2012 084_thumb[1]

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  1. cuties!!!! Love this tradition we have with you guys!