Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Fun in Grapevine

Last year we went to Grapevine with my mom and just walked around and had a blast with the kids. This year, we had to go back! We went to the Ice at Gaylord, and went to Christmas on Main Street in Grapevine and had dinner. It was a fun day!

We started out at the ICE! First. It was BEYOND freezing in there. It was fun at first, but quickly became unbearable for me and I wanted out!!
I thought we were done after the slides, and then I read this. I about had a panic attack. I was so.cold.
I’ve never been more excited to see baby Jesus in a manger. The END!
The kids had fun and it was really, really pretty and well done. I definitely would not go again for the price, though.

We needed something hot after that cold experience. So we stopped by the coffee shop and got hot chocolate and yummy gingerbread cookies.
Hannah was sort of over it…..

After finishing up at the Gaylord, we went out to Main street in Grapevine. We had dinner at the same Mexican food restaurant we ate at last year and walked around enjoying the sights after. We did a little dancing and some playing then it was time to head home!

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