Saturday, December 28, 2013

MDO Christmas Party

Noah’s last day of school before Winter break was a fun one! The parents were invited to attend chapel with the kids and then a fun party in class after! When I got to church, Noah was walking in line with his hands in his pockets. It was so sweet! I had to tell him it was ok to take his hands out (teacher’s rule) to hold my hand. I just love him and his rule abiding ways!


Chapel was so nice! The things the kids have learned over the last few months is SO awesome. Noah has learned so many things and was SO well-behaved in chapel. It warmed my heart watching ALL the kids become silent and clap their hands together in prayer. Beyond amazing.

After chapel, we headed to class for a little play from the kids {Noah was a Wiseman}, fun crafts, yummy snacks, and a book exchange!
Noah won Bingo!
Noah ended up with the perfect book about trains! He loves it!

It was so much fun seeing my little guy in his element and he already misses his friends and teachers so much!

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