Monday, December 16, 2013

North Pole Express 2013

My friend Abigail and I decided to take our families on a fun little trade ride to the “North Pole”! Thankfully, we purchased tickets in advance because they sold out very quickly! We waited for daddy to get off work and headed to Grapevine to meet our friends. Daddy was holding things up when we got there {putting you on blast dad!} but luckily we got on the train and had seats together!

These two :)


The kids had SO much fun! During the train ride, Santa’s elves came around and spoke to all the children. One of the elves even knew our elves James and Pippa {for those of you who don’t know, our Elf on the Shelf x 2}. That little conversation made the magic of Christmas that much more wonderful for our kiddos. It was the BEST! That elf should receive a raise for “knowing” James and Pippa. She even talked about the special things she knows about them. Best.elf.ever.


The elves passed around special bells that you could only hear if you believe in Santa. We could all hear them ringing {quite loudly} so we definitely believe! I actually still hear them. Everywhere.I.Go. I super believe. I’ll take a gift card to Sephora, Santa. Makin’ it easy on ya.

After that, the elves read a story to the kids. We arrived at the “North Pole” and hopped off the train to end the night with a funny little show where Santa arrived to say hello to everyone.
We made our way to the show through a Christmas tree maze and it started “snowing”! The kids were so excited. We had snow all over our faces and it was very funny!
She would NOT open her eyes in most pictures because the flash was so bright! Silly!

It was freezing cold outside!

At the end of the night, they passed out “Frosty Chocolate Snow Milk” in special mugs that we got to keep. Even the adults enjoyed some ;) It was a super fun night had by all!
The dads… {and the most epic photo bomb ever.} What the heck was that guy doing!?


Merry Christmas!

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