Sunday, December 22, 2013

Super Minions! {Noah’s 4th Birthday}

I cannot believe I am the mother to a FOUR and SIX year old! Where has the time gone!?

A few days before Noah’s 4th birthday {actually the night of his real birthday on December 4th} a huge ice storm hit North Texas. Total Icemageddon. We were so worried that people wouldn’t show up to his birthday. The day of his party a lot of the ice started to melt away and I really didn’t want to re-schedule it. His grandparents and great-grandparents on my husband’s side, and only 3 friends couldn’t make it. My mom made the trek {even with car trouble} through the ice and made it right after the party started! His best little friends from school made it and his cousins did as well. It ended up being perfect for our little guy! Just the right amount of friends and family to make his day special!

At Noah’s request, we had a Minion Superhero birthday party! Noah loves Despicable Me and is very much into superheroes lately so it was perfect! It was SO cute and so fun. Noah’s aunt did an AMAZING job on the cake as always! Exactly what Noah and I pictured! We had it at Papa and Nana’s skating rink in the bounce house area and then had some skating fun afterwards!


I decorated Noah’s name with comic book pages, made capes for everyone, made his birthday banners, designed little minion superheroes and designed his birthday invite!

Despicable Me 2 Batman MinionTony Stark, Iron ManSpider-ManSuperman

I loved seeing all the kids run around in their sweet little capes! They’d fly behind them when they went down the slide. They all felt like little super-kids!

We had lots of fun playing! We sang happy birthday to our big 4 year old and had cake and ice cream!
DSC_0115 - Copy

After cake, Noah got to to open his presents! Were were SO blessed with all the wonderful gifts he received!

We know Noah had SO much fun and we are so thankful for everyone who came to make his day so special!
Happy Birthday baby love!

And for a fun look back:

When he turned 3…
Blowing Out Candles

When he turned 2:
Noahs birthday 187

When he turned 1:

And the baby bug on the day he was born…

My little 5 lb 1 oz baby boy born 3 weeks early. He made it out of the NICU and is a strong, handsome, kind, wonderful, smart little boy!

We love you Noah David!

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