Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First {and hopefully last} broken bone…

Our sweet girl broke her elbow on January 4th, 2014! We made it 6 years without any major injuries! Sadly, our good luck streak came to an end.
You know the song… “No more monkeys jumping on the bed”…

Well, our little monkey was stacking pillows on our bed, laid on top of them too close to the edge, and slammed her elbow into the wall when she fell off with the pillows. There were a lot of tears and a lot of screaming. It was around bath time, so once I calmed her down I put both kiddos in the tub. She was okay during the bath and I had kind of put it out of my mind like any other boo-boo.

However, while I was drying Hannah off, the screaming started all over again. It actually scared me because I didn’t think her elbow was really that hurt. Obviously this wasn’t a typical boo-boo. We quickly and painfully got dressed, and loaded up the car to head to an after-hours pediatrician.

She was so sad looking. I was broken-hearted that I couldn’t take her pain away! She would not move it from her lap and I did everything I could to protect her from having to, or from someone hitting it. They x-rayed her arm as best they could {she was in a ton of pain} and said they thought it was fractured at her elbow! Ouch! They put her in a temporary hard cast and sling and sent us home.

It happened on a Saturday, so we had to wait until Monday to see her pediatrician. We saw and amazing Ortho at her peds office and had to get more x-rays. It didn’t go over well, but not as bad as the first time. It helped that the doctor was so amazing with her!

The doctor confirmed there was a break in the very tip of the humerus, that could be fully healed in a few weeks. Of course little miss picked out a hot pink, waterproof cast! She was in it for 5 weeks.

Thankfully it wasn’t her right arm {she’s a righty}, and she didn’t waste any time continuing to create her beautiful artwork for us!

It took a little getting used to as far as sleeping and bathing, but she had fun letting her friends and teacher sign it at school.

The weeks went by quickly and it was finally time to get the cast off! The doctor warned us that her arm may feel funny after the cast came off. I thought she would be okay, since the whole time she had her cast on, she claimed her elbow was all better {granted, she couldn’t move it}.
In reality, it felt very weird for Hannah having her cast off because those muscles hadn’t
been used. The screaming started all over again at first, and she cried often. She would hold it in the same bent position as it was in the cast. She even requested to have her sling back! I had to encourage her to flex and move her arm when she was able so that she could get everything moving again.

Since she was so brave throughout the whole ordeal, we went on a mommy-daughter date. We painted some cute pottery and it sort of took her mind off her pain!

IMG_1327 (2)

After about two days, everything was back to normal and she was swinging and jumping and climbing again. We were so happy to have our adventurous girl back!

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