Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas {2013}

Every year, Christmas gets more fun because the kids get older. Their excitement makes me SO happy! We started off with Christmas morning at our house. We opened presents, watched the parade {just like I have since I was little, and the kids really enjoyed it this year!}, opened new toys and started playing with them, and had breakfast in our pjs.

That hair!

Around noon we went to my FIL’s house to have Christmas with him and Josh’s stepmom and her family {who are all essentially our family of course}. It’s always a good time at the elder Craft house! The most kids in the family belong to this side. So the kids of course have a blast no matter what holiday it is because they have someone to play with! My FIL always cooks up a delicious meal! After we ate, the kids played some more then it was time for our tradition of a gift exchange. We all draw a number, presents get stolen, you get the point. It’s always a fun time! We then exchanged presents for the siblings and cousins and opened our own. The kids were overwhelmed by how much cool stuff they got. We have the best family all around!
Husband had to show me what was being opened because it was a madhouse!

After that, we still had more Christmas fun to be had! Christmas with my family! It’s actually kind of a sad time for me. Since my father passed away 6 years ago, our family just hasn’t stuck together like I thought it would. It has dwindled down to just my brothers, their family and my mom, stepdad and stepsister. It’s lovely being with them all, but just not the same going from the massive Christmases we used to have. Anyways, we were so involved in the gift exchange at my FIL’s, that we totally forgot to look at the clock! We were over an hour late to my brother’s. I felt AWFUL! They only get to see us for a short time and my mom was sort of sad. So sorry mom! My kids were also sad because their cousin, Ethan was at his dad’s for Christmas. But we still got to see sweet Miss Summer so we were ok :) My family whipped up a nice meal but we didn’t get to enjoy it because we were so full already!

Side note: Noah has been super into taking pictures on both of our cameras. We should’ve taken a hint and gotten him his own child-proof camera for Christmas! Anyways, he was taking pictures {really good ones} and accidentally dropped our camera! I thought it’d be okay but turns out almost all of our pictures were blurry and the zoom on the lens broke. So most of our pictures are random or blurry but they were the best we had! Grrr…

We had a fabulous, very merry Christmas. We hope you and your family had the best time ever!
Merry Christmas loves!

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