Friday, June 6, 2014

A Party and a Program {Last Day of Kindergarten}

Hannah had the sweetest little programs during the last few days of school. In her class program, she was a chicken. In the kinder program, she was a bunny! Both of them just melted our hearts!! The teachers did such a great job putting everything together.
2014-05-29 14.01.02-2
Hannah and Mrs. Davis {sweetest kinder teacher ever!}
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2014-05-08 18.45.26

Then, on the very last day of kinder, there was a kindergarten party day and awards in Hannah’s class. I was so happy to be able to be there and Hannah was so happy to have her daddy there as well! The kids were able to wander about the 4 kindergarten rooms, eat popsicles, play games, make crafts and play outside! Noah felt like such a big boy getting to tag along!
2014-06-05 11.11.522014-06-05 11.19.21
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After the some adorable songs and the awards, was the sweetest slideshow of the class throughout the year. There were many tears flowing in the room!
2014-06-05 11.44.05

We will miss Mrs. Davis so much! But, we are praying that Noah gets her as his teacher next year!


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