Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hannah’s Last day of Kindergarten!

We cannot believe we are now the proud parents of a FIRST grader! Whoa! She made it through Kindergarten in true Hannah style. She was always well behaved and very loved by her teacher. She got THE best kinder teacher any kid or momma could ever ask for. Hannah learned so much but was always a step ahead on learning as well… I think it helped a lot that she was older being that her birthday is in September. It feels like just yesterday we sent her off and now she’s out!

They grow up SO fast!


She was just a tiny thing!

And then, she grew up…
2014-05-01 18.26.42

She got out the second week of June and Noah had already been out of school for two weeks. My classes had ended as well so him and I were already in the lazy summer mode.

We went straight to summer-time fun as soon as she got out of school, and we haven’t looked back!

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