Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Independence Day {2014}!

This July 4th was more laid back than usual. Ever since I was a little girl, we have gone to the lake with our entire family. This year, one of my brother’s is in the process of buying a new {awesome} house, my other brother had a baby girl {she’s amazing} and we have been so busy with my applying to nursing school and Josh changing jobs.

On the 4th we went to a parade in McKinney that we went to last year. We thought it’d be fun to keep attending a July 4th parade each year! We even got an identical picture to last year’s photo! We also went to our town’s firework show that evening with my in-laws {the kid’s grandparents and uncle}. Hannah and Noah found a friend to play with so we set up the tailgate, music and a game of football with the adults! It was so much fun!

The weekend prior to July 4th, we got to go out to my brother’s land and check out his new house! It was so beautiful out there and we are so happy for them!

{ I didn’t bring my camera with me all weekend, so these are all from my phone! Sorry!}
2014-07-04 21.11.37
2014-07-04 21.02.262014-07-04 21.01.51
2014-07-04 20.54.272014-07-04 10.17.142014-07-04 10.06.262014-07-04 10.06.032014-07-04 10.04.022014-07-04 10.01.492014-06-28 19.25.44-2

I couldn’t possibly pass up our tradition of lake time, so even though my brothers weren't going and neither was Josh {he had to work}, I took the kids up to the lake for a day with my mom. My brother let us stay in his house, and the kids were SO excited. It was like a whole new trip for them since we had the house all to ourselves. We set off fireworks, made s’mores, watched tons of firework shows and played with sparklers. We also spent a day at the beach which was a lot of fun!

2014-07-05 21.44.512014-07-05 21.36.492014-07-05 21.30.102014-07-05 21.30.032014-07-05 21.24.392014-07-05 21.22.422014-07-05 15.06.192014-07-05 15.02.28
The beach was totally packed!
2014-07-05 14.54.02-2

We hope you enjoyed Independence day as much as we did!
Happy 4th

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