Friday, July 25, 2014

SEA LIFE Aquarium {a little playdate}

It was so beautiful last week for it being July. By beautiful I mean it was breezy and cool and raining and just lovely, to me anyways. Some friends of ours were planning to go to an aquarium so we decided to invite ourselves! We all chose to go to the Grapevine Aquarium since the Octonauts were in town! The kids love the show and so do our friends so it was perfect. We went right when it opened and finished up with lunch at the mall.

2014-07-17 09.39.312014-07-17 10.12.192014-07-17 10.37.17

There were lots of “bubbles” that the kids could go in like they were inside the tank. They thought it was funny and it’s a pretty cool picture opportunity!
2014-07-17 11.30.39-1
2014-07-17 10.49.462014-07-17 10.41.37

One of the rooms was a “touch room” where they had beautiful starfish and some sea urchins the kids could feel. Noah was a little apprehensive at first. But after watching Hannah and mommy, he stuck his hand right in! The starfish moved when we touched them, which we thought was so cool!
2014-07-17 11.21.562014-07-17 11.21.512014-07-17 10.57.25
Hannah absolutely loved this little octopus she found hiding in a jar!

2014-07-17 10.57.012014-07-17 10.54.482014-07-17 10.52.29

At the entrance, we picked up these fun scratch off cards. As we made our way through the different rooms, there were questions on the tanks. You would choose an answer and scratch it off on the card to reveal a check mark or an X. If you got all check marks, you got a prize at the end. We guessed correctly on every question {after Googling a few} and the kids got a “Fact Finder” medal in the gift shop at the end. They were so proud of themselves! Of course Hannah couldn’t leave without a lovey {stuffed animal}, so we got a sweet cuddly stingray.
2014-07-17 10.39.00
2014-07-17 11.36.11

We made our way through half of the aquarium and realized the stingrays were going to be fed soon. We ran back through to see that happen. We just love stingrays!
2014-07-17 10.40.07

Kwazii from Octonauts was in one room towards the end and the kids got to take their picture with him. He was one of the first characters we’ve been around that the kids weren’t terrified of! I was so proud of them.
2014-07-17 11.33.58
2014-07-17 11.31.12

It was so much fun on such a rainy day!

{Sorry for the picture qaulity… cell phone pictures!}

Our friend got us $5 off tickets when we went and we were so thankful. Of course, as I am writing this I find free ones!Because I am such a nice person: Here’s a coupon for a
FREE child’s ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket! You can get up to 4 free kids tickets. Pretty great deal!

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