Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let’s Glow Skating {Hannah is 7!}

First, I cannot believe I have a 7 year old! How did that happen!?

With so many projects going on this year, Hannah being in first grade, mommy and daddy being in school, and redecorating our house, I kind of took it easy with this party. Hannah wanted a glow party at Papa and Nana’s skating rink, which was so perfect for me because mostly everything was already done for us!

We invited Hannah’s soccer team girls, a few of her best friends from kinder last year, and our friends and family. It was quaint and fun! {Check out her
party from last year with the crazy {but awesome} amount of birthday friends, and you’ll know why we took it easy this time!!}

Hannah’s actual birthday is September 28th, which was Sunday… and both kids had soccer games Saturday morning. Between birthday stuff and soccer stuff, we decided to knock it all out Saturday because wanted a full day on Sunday to spend with daddy since he works 6 days a week! Wow was that a run-on sentence.

Let’s get to the glow party fun! {We didn’t get a whole lot of pictures, because the camera did not want to cooperate under all the black lights!}

Her invite::
DSC_1790 DSC_1785DSC_1783DSC_1782DSC_1781DSC_1779
The adorable cake was made by my SIL!!

Hannah is doing so well skating this year.. We are so proud of her!
But trying to hula-hoop on skates… is a different story ;)DSC_1800DSC_1799DSC_1795
Face painting and balloon animals for all!

We are so thankful to everyone who came and made Hannah’s special day so fun!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Mom and dad love you so much!

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