Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unicorn’s End of the Season Party! {Fall 2014}

I can’t believe this soccer season is already over! This is the Unicorn’s 4th season of being together. We’ve developed amazing friendships with every girl and their families. We were so excited to have some new players this year as well! My hope is, that majority of the girls will stay together for as long as possible! Up through high school maybe? ;)

The party was to be held at a park to let the girls play, but it was a rainy day. So we met at a frozen yogurt place instead! The girls had a blast.

This was the girl’s first year playing with goalies and they all did such an amazing job in each of their roles. They played well together as a team and won every game!

Trophy time!
Coach Doug and our silly girls!

Can’t wait until next season!

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