Monday, December 15, 2014

Noah’s 5th Birthday: Lego Style!

James and Pippa started the party off right with breakfast, a gift and some yummy breakfast on the morning of Noah’s birthday.
We also let Noah open all of his presents from us!

That night, we went out to dinner with my in-laws. Noah got more presents! He was a happy little guy!

We had dinner, sang happy birthday and opened his gifts. By open, I mean he opened half of the toys at the table! Anything for the birthday boy!


The following Sunday, it was party time!
While looking around at Toys R Us, we even saw a giant Lego Fireman! Noah was a little unsure about him {because he was so life-like} but he then got very excited and reminded me how I need to take him to Lego Land!


You guessed it! The always-amazing cake was made by Noah’s Aunt Christy! We just love her to pieces! This time, Uncle Carl helped! He made almost all the Legos on the cake!
Noah enjoyed having his classmates and best friends at the party! We were just missing a few cousins :(
After lots of playing on the giant playground, it was time for pizza and cake! I loved having the party at Kid Mania! I walked by our party room and saw that our party host had already done all the decorating for me. I was so surprised!

We sang Happy Birthday and took all the presents home to open!

We appreciate everyone coming to share Noah’s special day with him!
Happy 5th Birthday sweet boy!

And, for a little look back:
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When he was born!:

We love you baby bug!

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