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Our Christmas Included a Not So Nice Surprise

On December 18th, while shopping at Hobby Lobby, I got a call from Hannah’s teacher and the school at the exact same time. One second later my husband called as well. It couldn’t be good, so I left my basket where it was and headed to the car while answering the phone to Hannah’s teacher. She said that Hannah fell out of her chair at school, went unconscious and was seizing of sorts. She was confused when she came out of it and complained of her head hurting severely before it all happened. Of course all I could say to her precious teacher was “Oh my God” over and over. Can you imagine how terrifying that must’ve been to witness? God Bless her and all the staff that came to Hannah’s side that day.

Nothing can prepare you for that moment. That heartbreaking phone call that something terrible has happened to your child with no warning at all.

We had never experienced anything like this with her before.

I get to her school, and find her in the nurse’s room, in the dark, and she suddenly just started crying. The nurse described to me what happened and we headed straight to Children’s. We didn’t have to wait at all and thankfully daddy came running through the door at the exact moment we needed him. God is good. I've never been so happy to see that man.

They ran some blood work and asked Hannah in her own words what happened, as well as what her teacher had described, and how I saw her afterwards.She had no fever, no illness of any sort. They knew it wasn’t a febrile seizure right away {the kind children have when they have a very high temperate}. About an hour later, Hannah spiked a fever and vomited. She immediately fell asleep after. SO unlike her. It was odd and off so they gave her Zofran and Motrin. Daddy had to leave to pick up Noah (this all happened around 10:30 am and we didn’t leave the hospital until 2pm) so I had to pull it together and remember everything they were telling me. Her blood work came back perfect. Part of me was hoping it’d pick up SOMETHING to explain why this happened. We were looking at a possible CT scan for crying out loud. They determined they should wait on any radiology testing. They could not run an EEG that day because if she did in fact have a seizure at school, her brain waves would be off on the scan.

All this the week before Christmas. Towards the end of our visit, they mentioned that Hannah possibly had an Absence Seizure. My heart just dropped. Kids can develop these between 6-12 years of age. They can easily go unnoticed because there's typically no loss of consciousness.

A lot of friends and family prayed with us and I got the call December 23rd that Hannah could get the EEG she desperately needed on December 26th! Wonderful, amazing news and exactly what I wanted all along. She also was able to get Hannah in with the neurologist the following Monday. I couldn’t have been more thankful or happy with all the people who went out of their way to help us and get us in SO soon.

That evening, as I was going over the paperwork for Hannah’s EEG, I discovered that it was a SLEEP-DEPRIVED EEG! The morning after Christmas! Hannah was to go to bed at 12am and wake up no later than 4am. I was so stressed all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I couldn’t think straight. I was already tired, and we had so much to do both days with family to see and family to host at our house; I just didn’t know how we could make it all night. Daddy stayed up with us and thankfully we had a lot of new toys to keep us busy! We couldn’t risk watching a movie and all falling asleep!


What’s better than skating inside!IMG_7457

It started getting tough around 11pm, so Hannah and I made up a batch of homemade cookies. Sadly, Santa missed out! Winking smile
Our sweet girl was begging to go to bed by 12!

Hannah had her EEG Friday morning.
2014-12-26 09.20.56
It was just her and I in a lovely little kid-themed room. The tech was a sweetheart and it was perfectly suitable to fall asleep in such a place.

2014-12-26 09.57.42
2014-12-26 10.10.41
She did so well and was so brave!
I was so worried for three days about how on earth anyone could fall asleep just like that!
2014-12-26 10.15.37
Praise the Lord, Hannah fell asleep as soon as the tech told her she could. Mommy fell asleep too. It helped than Hannah had her lovies with her. Afterwards, she unhooked Hannah, cleaned the goop out of her hair and we headed to the kitchen for some yummy snacks and coffee for me! Easy Peasy! We went home and had a relaxed day. Now to just wait through the weekend to see the neuro on Monday.

I was heartbroken standing in the waiting room of the Pediatric Neurologist. SO many children, so many issues, so terribly sad. I hugged my babies tighter that day. We spent a good 30 minutes with the Neurologist running all sorts of neuro exams. The doctor was a sweetheart. At the end, I got the news I was not expecting. Hannah’s EEG was completely normal. They could not induce a seizure. Good? I guess? I mean… yes it’s great and I am thankful, but what does it mean!? She said no one on earth could tell us what happened that day, or if it’ll happen again. That it would HAVE to happen again before any neuro could make a definitive diagnosis. We don’t have to see her again unless it happens again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for healthy kids. Not knowing if or when or what will happen again though is just terrifying. I’m actually glad this all happened during winter break, so that I could be with Hannah every waking moment.

Thank you to everyone who came together, and called, and prayed, and sent wonderful thoughts our way, and came to see Hannah to brighten our days. It was perfect, and wonderful and so appreciated. Here’s to hoping it never happens again. If it does, I can only hope that Hannah is surrounded with people who care as much as her teacher did that day.

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  1. What a very scary ordeal. I'm so sorry that you all had to go through that. I'm praying that this is an isolated episode and never happens again. I'm glad that she is okay!